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Walking Like Einstein

The greatest spiritual find of our time.

by Scott Allen Taylor

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192 Pages


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            Albert Einstein is perhaps the missing link between science and religion. He believed in God but, through scientific research and mathematics, he discovered that the world in which we live is not what it seems. Without intending to do so, he discovered an error in one of the major cornerstones of science. He discovered the truth about time and the error of evolutionary theoryóbut it was too late. The scientific community was already committed, and nature would have to take its course. Ironically, history continued to be taught as evolving, while many brilliant minds could not.

            The information was suppressed.

            During that time, the world seemed to enter into a period of chaos, world wars, and social uprisings. The underpinnings of institutions were overrun and liberated in the name of freedom. Peace, love, and rock-n-roll took center stage, forming a new foundation and direction for world events. The clash between old-world thinking and the modern world continues.

            Meanwhile, my own story was also unfolding. From a non-religious, simple childhood, I came to discover an error in the history of the early Christian church. It is this error, coupled with Einsteinís discovery, which makes for the greatest spiritual find of our time. Together, they mark the end of the age, the end of times.

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